Teuco inaugurates a brand new comprehensive range by imagining the “total look” of your bathroom. A matching suite designed by the same hand, devised to blend in with any setting thanks to the flexibility of the solutions available. Design plays the starring role and creates a strong styling identity that reaches far beyond the mere functionality of the fixtures. Hence the development of significant collections: Mia designed by Matteo Nunziati, Outline by Carlo Colombo, Paper by Giovanna Talocci, Nauha by angeletti-ruzza, Wilmotte by J.M. Wilmotte and the exclusive Autoritratti, a luxurious tailor-made collection designed by Carlo Colombo. Stylish and appealing, all the collections are produced entirely in Italy using the finest materials.

Autoritratti Collection

The perfect balance between material and shape
I Bordi
The universal beauty of material
new custom-made shapes
Teuco Outline Collection
The charm of irregularity.
Teuco Paper Collection
The meeting place between elegance and well-being.
Teuco Wilmotte Collection
A choice of perfect harmony.
The soft boundary between material and emotions.