An elusive material, a constantly evolving thought.


Nothing changes more than water, nothing is more indefinable than desire. Teuco knows that the needs of those who love to pamper themselves and recharge their batteries in water are ever-changing. That is why it has learned to mould shapes and technologies to turn every bathroom into a unique, highly personal space. Its aptitude for research has led Teuco to devise an extraordinary material such as Duralight®, a generous service like Unlimited, the three patented systems, Hydroline, Hydrosilence®, Hydrosonic® and the first Turkish bath in an enclosure. So Teuco does not merely stand for beauty and design, but most of all for flexibility, innovation and safety. To cater to the needs of those who want the most from water.


Duralight - Teuco Guzzini Duralight®

Duralight® is a patented material, produced and processed entirely by Teuco. Its special composition affords superior performance teamed with luxurious styling appeal.

Unlimited Unlimited

Teuco dedicates Unlimited to anyone in search of an unlimited range of bespoke solutions. Thanks to the extreme pliability of Duralight® and to the exclusive processing capacity of the material, Teuco allows you to create unique settings. 

Teuco Hydroline Hydroline

Exclusive on Duralight®, revolutionary on acrylic.

Already a Teuco world exclusive on Duralight® bathtubs, Hydroline doubles its record with a surprising novelty: its application to acrylic bathtubs. Finally, the ultra-thin flush-fit nozzles replace the classic jets also on the Nauha, Wilmotte and Seaside for the bathoom tubs: elegant minimalist slits, for a styling concept offering superior performance.

Teuco Hydrosonic Hydrosonic®

Get back into shape while fully relaxing.


Hydrosonic® makes the massage penetrate beneath the skin, so your whole body can benefit from it. Thanks to the effect of ultrasound teamed with the whirlpool, it encourages lymphatic drainage, thus preventing the formation of metabolites (one of the causes of cellulite), speeds up muscle recovery after exercise, improves cellular metabolism and reduces stress and joint pain.

Hydrosilence - Teuco Hydrosilence®

With Hydrosilence®, the only sound the whirlpool makes is that of flowing water, reducing noise emissions by 70%. The tub makes no noise and does not vibrate: for comfort without compromise

Teuco Turkish bath Steam System

The first ever company to bring steam into a shower enclosure thanks to electronics, Teuco's know-how is constantly being honed. Teuco creates and patents exclusive solutions which observe the principles of heat therapy, of the Turkish bath and in a logic that focuses on saving energy.

Teuco automatic water treatment Automatic water treatment

Teuco's exclusive automatic disinfecion system (AWT) lets you enjoy all the well-being and relaxation of a hydrospa at home, without worrying about disinfecting the water.

Hydrospa heating system

Discover the pleasure of a purifying hot bath in your Hydrospa, any time you want.
The heating systems used in Teuco hydrospas allow you to relax in a whirlpool in all seasons, in any weather, even outdoors.